She's Powerful when She's United.

Our hope is that WWU can be the first joyful wonderland for community members, where we can develop from young women into influential leaders.


At WWU, we aspire to create an inclusive and equitable organization that serves as a safe haven for all young women, fostering a healing presence.


WWU's goal is to foster the growth of female friendships and to cultivate a tight-knit community where women feel a sense of belonging.


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The WWU Women Developers Summit 2023 - Shanghai was successfully held on March 5, bringing together women from diverse fields and career stages to celebrate "She Power". Attendees expressed their encouragement for women to actively participate in the technology industry and their confidence in the unique value that women bring to it. WWU aims to help more women bring their talents and values to the forefront, and to continue their efforts to improve and innovate in the field, while also showcasing their leadership abilities.

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"WWU - Spxxchless" is a talk show that focuses on women in the Web3 and Pantech industries. The show's title, "Spxxchless," suggests that though facing significant obstacles, women have shown fearlessness in navigating this dystopian world, with the strong support of their female allies. Through this platform, listeners could listen to what these women have to say, about life, love, and their dreams.
By Web3 Women Union
WWU College offers a range of product lines aimed at supporting women's career growth in the Web3 industry. These product lines include the Newbie Boot Camp, Investment Research Academy, Product Academy, Operations Academy, and Development Academy, all of which provide gamified and project-based training. By offering these resources, WWU College equips women with the necessary tools to advance their careers in the rapidly evolving Web3 sector.
WWU College
By Web3 Women Union