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Web3 Women Union is dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for women in the Web3 space. Our goal is to harness the collective power of women and promote their growth within the industry. We strive to inspire and encourage more women to explore the Web3 world and support those who are already making a difference by effectively integrating their resources and information. Through our efforts, we hope to showcase the vital role that women play in Web3 and help shift the perception of their impact towards a more inclusive and open mindset.

WWU Value

We always believe in the power of female Role Models, and WWU will invite experienced and influential women in the Web3 field to share their knowledge and experience in the industry, and encourage women in the community to actively participate in the discussion and share and learn from each other. We will also spread the stories of these female Role Models so that more girls who are new to the industry can see the existence of female icons and feel the power of female icons.

We also believe in the power of compound interest in lifelong learning, and WWU will carry out learning groups in the community in the form of boot camps, where you can not only get the teaching of teachers, but also gain the company of the same boot camp partners to learn and meet friends, and we will lower the threshold of Web3 learning for everyone as much as possible, empower the learning process, so that everyone has a good learning atmosphere and learning results can have value.

We also believe in the power of communication and exchange, and WWU will regularly hold weekly community events, mainly using Twitter Space or Discord Talk, and organize offline meetups in different cities once a month, with topics including but not limited to knowledge and experience sharing sessions, community building meetings, online Girl The topics of these events include but are not limited to knowledge and experience sharing sessions, community building meetings, online Girl 's Talk, online meditation and relaxation, offline investor project side theme parties, etc.

Finally, we believe in the power of sharing and exporting. We welcome girls who have their own research results to come to our Twitter Space to actively participate in sharing, so that the community can better understand your research report and the efforts you have made, on the other hand, we will try our best to help you invite relevant project parties or public chain ecological guests to interact, communicate and share with you according to the content of your research, so as to practice the ability to export. We also encourage community members to take the initiative to research the areas that interest them most in Web3, and we will provide corresponding research support and help you to publish and promote your research results in the platform and community as well as in domestic and international media.

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