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Web3 Women Union (WWU) is dedicated to providing an open and inclusive thematic community for women in Web3, empowering all women and focusing on women's growth.


WWU 2023
New Year Scheme

🌴 Web3 Women Union official website
🌴 Orca College
🌴 WWU overseas community  expansion
🌴 Angel funding round
🌴 Global Partner Recruitment Program

WWU Needs You!

Join WWU core team and let ur talents shine!

We encourage all women to fulfill their potentials and grow here at WWU.

  • Hardcore Female Coder
    Front-End EngineerBack-End Engineer. (Golang/Java)Smart Contract Engineer.(Solidity/Rust)Zero Knowledge Engineer.

  • Social media operation
    Familiar with the operation of both Chinese and English social media platforms
    Ability to independently plan and coordinate online activities.

  • Community operation
    Familiar with the operation of WeChat group, overseas TG, Discord and other social media platforms, able to be active in the community & promote the growth of community members.

  • Web3 Β Research
    Research on technology development trends, industry standards, market dynamics, competitive environment, policy trends, etc.

  • Strategic Planning
    Develop strategic planning for the project, including but not limited to project objectives, development direction, market strategy, resource allocation, risk management, etc.

  • Investment Analysis
    Analysis of potential investment projects, including but not limited to financial analysis, market analysis, technical analysis, risk analysis, etc.

  • Product Management
    Define the product vision: develop the product strategy and roadmap: defining use cases and product features

  • Product Design
    Integration into all aspects of design; research, ideation, user flow, wireframing, prototyping, high fidelity design and development preparation

  • Branding/Visual Design
    Defining visual direction and identity
    Create digital/marketing materials
    Create a design system with other designers

Joining WWU, You will:

‍WWU's recruitment is not limited to this, we are looking for talented women based in other parts of the world to be our Global Partners as well.
If you have any innovative πŸ’‘ ideas, want to contribute to the movement of empowering women in Web3, please join us!
She's Powerful When She's United!

Join US
  • 🌴 Become a WWU Twitter Space Host or Guest
    🌴 Become a WWU Panel Leader
    🌴 Industry resource support
    🌴 Personal PR support
    🌴 Web3 Career Choice Insider
    🌴 Publish your own Research reports
    🌴 A group of interesting girlfriends
    🌴 Global offline support from sisters
    🌴 Learning Web3 career skills
    🌴 Meet industry OGs
    🌴 ......